I have divided the process of website design and construction into five stages of service. Additional services such as forms, blogging programs, widgets, content management, annimations, videos and e-commerce programming are not included.

Domain Name RegistrationDomain Name Registration
- Domain name registration can be a bit of a challenge. I will be happy to help you through this process so that you can avoid paying for add-ons that you may not really need.

DesignDesign - The design of your home page will serve as a template for additional pages. Athough I do not require a deposit or a down payment, I do request that a three month hosting fee ($60) to be paid in advance before work begins. I will do my best to come up with a design that you are totally pleased with. If for any reason I cannot meet your expectations, then I will cheerfully refund your hosting fee and thank you for giving me the opportunity to try. After construction begins, the hosting fee is non-refundable .

ContructionConstruction - Using your photographs and copy (both sent by email), the rest of your website can be completed with minor adjustments along the way. If design changes do become necessary, additional charges may occur. Sometimes even small changes can become expensive. If changes become necessary I will always let you know in writing what the additional cost will be. As we journey through the construction process I will be checking in with you periodiclly to assure that we are moving in the right direction.

HostingHosting - Once construction has been completed we will be ready to move your website from my "preview" folder to launching your website on the Internet. Before launching your website I will need to be paid in full for the website design, construction, plus any add-on charges.

Google RankingGoogle Ranking - For almost any business located in Mason County I should be able to move your website listing to the first page of Google within three months. If I cannot locate your website on the first page of Google within this time frame, I will credit your website an additional three months of hosting without charge.